Anna Wang speaks the language of pop. A four-on-the-floor beat, a shimmery synth hook, a jangly guitar loop, a lilting vocal melody — all are second nature for the versatile singer, songwriter, instrumentalist and producer based in Madison, Wisconsin.


Wang, a classically trained pianist, makes atmospheric pop that evokes the likes of Lorde, the Postal Service, Cher, or Charli XCX. Her debut 2017 album “In Your Head” serves up a decadent platter of earworms, meticulously crafted over a three-year period in Wang’s home studio. The record is an exploration of unbridled passion: From the ruminative R&B waltz “Rain Down” to the bright and flirty “When the Fever Breaks,” and the breakbeat-fueled “Do it Again” to the grimy “Break my Heart, Wang simmers in the reckless abandon of delirious and destructive love affairs with Romeos and the dance floor alike. 


Since the release of “In Your Head,” Wang has been staying busy, performing sets on Wisconsin Public Television and the stages of Summerfest. In April, she dropped her first single of 2018: “New Religion” a propulsive, erotic track that seamlessly marries hip-hop beats with a disco spirit.


It’s a track that speaks to the mission statement emblazoned on her album: Beat for beat, hook for hook, Wang makes music that’s going to be in your head.